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One on One Coaching

Goal Girl Finance has really opened my eyes to what I spend my money on. They have helped me prioritize my budget in a way that makes me understand where I spend my money and why I spend it there. With their guidance and understanding I can happily say I have a better relationship with my money. - Brian, Boston, MA


The Paycheck to Paycheck Cure

The Paycheck to Paycheck Cure was great! I took it when I decided to switch careers and desperately needed a better understanding of my financial options. This class was easy to understand and used real life examples to keep my attention. More crucially, it provided me with the knowledge I needed to make sound decisions at a time where I couldn’t afford--literally and figuratively--to be foolish. Whether finding new ways to budget and stretch a penny, or helping me ensure that my retirement stayed intact, this course taught me the critical skills I needed to navigate the financial world we live in. - Andrea, Washington, D.C.


The Paycheck to Paycheck Cure

I had heard a lot of the terms before, but didn’t know how to apply them to my life. The Paycheck to Paycheck Cure broke it down in simple terms. The format was really clear and was a fun way to learn about a topic that I wouldn’t normally consider fun. They used examples I could understand without needing a finance degree and made me feel like I could really do what they were talking about. I learned a lot! - Jacquie, New York, New York