The Paycheck to Paycheck Cure

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We have just launched our signature course, The Paycheck to Paycheck Cure and we are so excited to share it with you!
This course is jam packed full of everything you need to know to stop stressing about money and start living your best life.
In this course, we break down the following hugely important topics:
Module 1: Guiding Principles
Module 2: A Budget that Actually Works
Module 3: All About Banking
Module 4: Saving for Your Future
Module 5: All About Loans
Module 6: Investing Basics

This course is for you if you want to….

Think about your relationship with spending

Spend mindfully and in alignment with your long-term goals

Calculate your true income – your income after all necessary costs are factored in

Pay yourself first – a method where you contribute to your savings, then your
bills, and whatever is left is for leisure/enjoyment. You work hard for your money; you
deserve to have something to show for it!

Crush a no spend challenge and reset your mindset on spending

Create a thoughtful, thorough, and detailed budget that will keep you on track
towards meeting your long-term goals

Make sure your budget is realistic

Have you ever wondered….

What the differences are between banks and credit unions and why you might use one or the other?

What types of accounts are available and why you might use each type?

How to avoid all those fees!

Maximize your financial future by learning….

How retirement accounts work and why you should use them

The benefits of a 529 college savings plan (if you have kids or might later on)

Why different loans have different interest rates

How education loans are different from most other loans

How credit cards really work

The most common options for getting a mortgage and why you might choose one or

How your credit score is calculated

Plan for you future by learning about….

What stocks, bonds, and mutual funds are, when and why you might invest in each, and
how to get started


Stop struggling to pay your bills and start working to achieve your dreams. Sign up for this life-
changing course today!

2 reviews for The Paycheck to Paycheck Cure

  1. Jacquie, New York, New York

    I had heard a lot of the terms before, but didn’t know how to apply them to my life. The Paycheck to Paycheck Cure broke it down in simple terms. The format was really clear and was a fun way to learn about a topic that I wouldn’t normally consider fun. They used examples I could understand without needing a finance degree and made me feel like I could really do what they were talking about. I learned a lot!

  2. Andrea, Washington, D.C.

    The Paycheck to Paycheck Cure was great! I took it when I decided to switch careers and desperately needed a better understanding of my financial options. This class was easy to understand and used real life examples to keep my attention. More crucially, it provided me with the knowledge I needed to make sound decisions at a time where I couldn’t afford–literally and figuratively–to be foolish. Whether finding new ways to budget and stretch a penny, or helping me ensure that my retirement stayed intact, this course taught me the critical skills I needed to navigate the financial world we live in.

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