Rising interest rates, school loans, and expensive housing are just a number of the reasons millennials are turning to side hustles to stay afloat or get ahead. Regardless of your situation, earning more money is always enticing. If you’ve decided your able to commit to a side hustle, the next step is finding and opportunity […]

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It’s the weekend – you made it! Time for a deep breath and yoga pants! The weekend is made for rest and fun, but make sure you don’t impede your financial goals. You work too hard Monday through Friday to do that! We’ve compiled a list of some our favorite low cost activities to help […]

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Saving money and spending less are usually concepts associated with doing less and before you know it you’ll have a serious case of FOMO. Before you stress about all the things you can’t do while saving money this weekend, stop and focus on the fun new opportunities that appear with a new mindset. Here are […]

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Do you remember the first time you bought yourself a Kate Spade purse? You told yourself it was a one time purchase, a girl only needs one fancy purse. Now your closet is full of Kate Spade, and Louis Vuitton and Burberry purses and every one is there for a particular occasion. You need them […]

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Congratulations! You got your first job! Did you know it’s already time to start saving for retirement? If you work for an employer you will likely have the ability to contribute to a 401(k) retirement plan. A 401(k) is a type of retirement plan only offered by employers named after a section of the Internal […]

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Traveling for vacation can be expensive, especially when traveling abroad. Flights, hotels, restaurant dining – it can add up quick! Here are just a few tips to help keep your trip within budget and leave you more money for that next destination on your list. Pick a money saving month! April – May and September […]

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Back to School! Both a sense of a relief and rush of stress come over most of us at the start of this season. While there are some expenses that can’t be cut, there are many areas where you can save time and money. Be careful not to find yourself getting swept up in the […]

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Have you ever stopped to think about how much your true hourly income take home is? You know, after you factor in all the taxes, time and expenses your employer doesn’t cover? Knowing your true hourly income can be a very helpful tool in determining if a new opportunity is really as good as it […]

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I think we’ve all been there. Running to the grocery store to pick up a couple of ingredients for dinner and all of a sudden you are walking out with a whole cart full of items you didn’t plan to buy. Unplanned impulse purchases can have a huge impact on your overall budget, and food/grocery […]

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Who are these girls and why are they blogging? We became friends in college and have both always made it a priority to budget and plan for our futures, financially. Over the years, we have seen and heard so many stories of women (and men) not living their best lives because of their financial situations, […]

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