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As an economy traveler extraordinaire, I can confidently say I do not spend any more than I need to on traveling to and from the many places I love to visit throughout the year. My traveling frequency has created a plethora of hard earned knowledge and an array of priceless travel memories. Whether it’s visiting […]

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Call me crazy, but I had been dreaming of our family vacation to Disney World since our first child was just 1. There’s something about having kids that makes you relive your favorite childhood memories so taking the clan to Disney World was a priority on our vacation list. However, Disney World has always been […]

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If the summer travel bug hasn’t gotten you yet, it surely will soon! Whether you are planning a trip for tomorrow or months from now, making sure you are using the best tools to allow you to save time and money! We’re sharing our favorites with you – and we’re not even sponsored! Google Flights […]

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Road trips are a staple of the summer season and if done right, can be a great way to travel with a small vacation budget. However, like anything in life, it is important to be prepared so that your budget doesn’t fall to the wayside while embarking on one of summer’s greatest pastimes. In order […]

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Traveling for vacation can be expensive, especially when traveling abroad. Flights, hotels, restaurant dining – it can add up quick! Here are just a few tips to help keep your trip within budget and leave you more money for that next destination on your list. Pick a money saving month! April – May and September […]

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Who are these girls and why are they blogging? We became friends in college and have both always made it a priority to budget and plan for our futures, financially. Over the years, we have seen and heard so many stories of women (and men) not living their best lives because of their financial situations, […]

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