Why You Shouldn’t Drink Cheap Wine

why You should drink cheap wine copy 2The most obvious answer is obviously so that you avoid the hangover! But this article is a little deeper than surface level, easy answer. Drinking expensive wine isn’t just about the wine, it’s about the mindset. 

You might be wondering why we would encourage spending when most of our focus is on saving and cutting expenses, but really, our posts are about financial awareness. When you find yourself only looking for the cheapest options when buying wine, or anything else, you’ll find that you only feel you deserve the cheapest options. Have you ever splurged on an expensive haircut and felt like a new person?

The most important thing to realize when examining your spending and overall financial health is that spending isn’t bad. Spending is important and necessary and when you feel bad about treating yourself or paying for necessary expenses, it can consume you, because SPENDING IS APART OF LIFE. 

Splurging on important items for you is critical to your wellbeing. In order to make this work you have to remember a few important things:

1) Pay Yourself First. When you pay yourself first, you won’t have to worry about unexpected expenses or planned events because you have saved for them. Also, knowing you have saved will give you the freedom to enjoy your purchases – guilt free!

2) Spending without reservation improves your relationship with money. The reality is that you have to work to support yourself. Only paying bills will make you resent whatever job you have because life is meant to be enjoyed. 

3) Spending will increase your commitment to saving and budgeting. There is nothing better than going on a vacation that you saved for, coming back refreshed and not worrying about how much you owe.  4) You will take care of you so that you can take care of the people around you. Have you ever been embarrassed by the fact that you’ve let your shoes wear down to a ridiculous level? Or skipped going to the doctor to avoid and expensive co-pay? This is the worst way to go through life, and should be avoided! Go out and get the shoes you want (and need) to see the changes it makes in your life. The little things matter and you will be able to use your renewed energy to help the people around you.

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