Can You Be Money Savvy and Treat Yourself?

can you be money savvy and treat yourself_ (1)Being good with money means depriving yourself of anything enjoyable that costs money so that you can save every penny you can, right? Wrong. Here at Goal Girl, we’re all about treating yourself. The key to treating yourself is planning for it. Splurging with intention.

For me, my splurge of choice is getting my nails done. I go every 2 weeks to the same salon, usually on a Sunday morning, and get my nails painted. I choose to spend my money to do this because it makes me feel good to have freshly painted nails. Quite simply, I like the way they look.

Could I paint them myself? Absolutely. But for me, it’s also a chance for me to sit, unwind and recharge while I’m having them done. It’s an hour of my life where I can’t be doing anything else; that time is just for me. So it’s not just about getting my nails done, it’s also about making time for myself and the quality of life that setting aside that time provides me.

Having time set aside to clear my head and just step back from the normal chaos of every day is so important for me. Are there other cheaper ways I could accomplish this same goal? Sure, but I enjoy the pampering and it has the added benefit of having my hands physically unavailable to use my phone or do anything productive, which forces me to take that time for me. Lots of other ‘me time’ activities get interrupted when I get a phone call I should answer or the baby is crying.

The most important part about my choice to splurge is that I plan for it financially. I know I go every 2 weeks, so I know exactly how much to designate for it in my budget. Including tip, which, by the way, should always be factored into your budget, it costs me about $70 to get a manicure and pedicure. Do the math, and that means I spend $1,820 a year on nail treatments. Now, you might be reading this and thinking that’s crazy, and that’s fine. Everyone has their own indulgences, and this one is mine. What would be more crazy would be to get my nails done every other week and not have accounted for it in my budget. That’s a substantial expense to come out of your income if you haven’t accounted for it.

Think about how you treat yourself and make sure you factor it into your expenses. We are firm believers that life is meant to be enjoyed and we want to help you do that by spending smart.

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