A Girl Boss Guide to 20 for 2020

1e74b1a7-f9a4-4eff-9e07-9df6f14d0c11You might be familiar with the idea of coming up with 20 things you want to do in 2020 and as a seasoned veteran of this approach to goal setting, I feel the need to portray my trials and tribulations to improve your list this year.

I first began this type of goal setting in 2018 with my list of 18 and am finishing up my 19 for 2019 now. Overall the idea is a very fun way to add some excitement into your life resume or fun into the usual monotony. Best of all, it really gets way from the daunting ‘New Year’s Resolution” concept that works for almost no one. When coming up with your list of 20 things you want to do in 2020, there are a few key pieces of advice I should share…

Don’t Over Commit

2019 was definitely the year of over commitments. Because I wanted to incorporate working out into 2019, I decided to do X amount of spin classes, x amount of swim workouts and x amount of hot yoga classes. In the end, I only completed the goal number of spin classes because swim workouts are actually a very difficult item to schedule in my week and spin classes or a quick stop at my company gym are much easier way to get a workout in. For the first few months I felt a feeling of failing, even though I was working out every day – and goal girls, we just do not need that type of guilt in our lives.

While some items on your list should challenge you – we wouldn’t expect anything less from a Goal Girl like you – but these items shouldn’t stress you. Challenge yourself to try new things, not all the things. 

Make It Fun

This could be my generally optimistic disposition shining through, but the whole point of any resolution or new goal or outlook for a new year should be fun. If you are even slightly dreading anything on your list, take it off! It there is something like ‘lose 5 pounds’ and that has been a nagging voice in your head for ages – what is going to change this year? I would encourage you to write “try three new exercise classes” instead. It’s unlikely you will like them all, but maybe Jazzercise turns out to be your new favorite thing and it helps you feels so fit and confident you forget to weigh yourself.

Limit Habit Changes

While it is absolutely a good idea to change bad habits as soon as you can, your 20 for 20 list cannot be all habit changing items. You simply can’t do everything. Try for one or two lifestyle changes, but overall focus on the quick, easy and important wins. Like, not cancelling any health appointments if you’re notorious for doing so.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

It can feel like a great idea to add #SpringBreak2020, Soul Cycle daily and a weekend trip to your alma mater, but if your budget doesn’t allow it, don’t sign up for it. In all seriousness, this list shouldn’t revolve around expensive items, but rather fun, quick things you’ve been wanting to do but haven’t committed to in the past. Examples include, canoeing with a bestie, camping for a weekend with the boyfriend (if that won’t be a breakup inducing experience for you!) or painting your nails regularly because you like your attitude when you look put together.

Be (a little) Realistic

And last but not least – be realistic. My dear fellow Goal Girl Annie had a wonderful list last year. Item #1, have a baby (check), item #2, go on an Alaskan Cruise. While I certainly didn’t want to question her list, since she wasn’t pregnant when we made our lists in December, it was very likely she would be pregnant and/or have an infant for most of 2019. An Alaskan cruise under those conditions is probably not a priority. Of course she could easily add item #2 to 2020, it might serve you best to be realistic at the beginning.

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