Save Money This Weekend!

Saving money and spending less are usually concepts associated with doing less and before you know it you’ll have serious case of FOMO. Before you stress about all the things you can’t do while saving money this weekend, stop and focus on the fun new opportunities that appear with a new mindset. Here are a few ideas to get you started this weekend!

  1. Knock out that to do list! Have you been too busy to send a thank you card? Had tasks like scanning old photographs, touching up a few paint spots or cleaning the basement on your list for weeks? Maybe even years? Those to-dos are draining and take space in your mind for something much better. Stop procrastinating and finish three things this weekend that will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something you’ve been meaning to do.
  2. Start a book club. Stretch yourself to engage with others and pick up that book you already have on the shelf. Chances are, others are just as eager to break out of their routine and do something new also.
  3. Invite friends over – you know you have wine on hand! Ask them to bring an app and settle in for a night of your favorite board or outdoor game.