5 Wardrobe Items You No Longer Need to Buy

Time, money and space. Three key items that can cause much frustration and much relief. When thinking of time, money and space in regards to your closet, I’m sure you have plenty of stories, mostly filled with lessons learned. You might have that horror story of moving to your first apartment with a closet that was practically nonexistent, or a story of your first consignment experience where you received mere pennies for your clothes, if you were lucky to receive anything at all. And I think we all have the unfortunate story of clothes in our closet that remained there, tags still attached. Regardless of which story that resonates most for you, there are several items you can stop buying to reduce waste and cutter in your closet.

1)      Cute, but Uncomfortable Shoes

Shoes are my absolute favorite! The more the merrier – honestly, it’s true! However, over the last several years I’ve realized that cute shoes that are not comfortable are a waste of money. If I do wear them, I’m inevitably complaining all night about the pain they are causing. If I don’t wear them, I’m inevitably agonizing about money I wasted. So, I’ve declared that uncomfortable shoes are no longer allowed in my closet. They are not worth the time, money or space!

2)      Dry-Clean Only Clothing

It’s 2019 and clothing technology has caught up with the needs of busy women. While there will always be token items in your wardrobe that will need dry-cleaning, if you buy items with intention, you can find many ways to avoid a large dry-cleaning bill every month. First, make sure the clothing you buy is not ‘dry-clean-only.’ There are literally hundreds of brands out there and most have good quality clothing that does not require professional cleaning. Not to mention the time it takes to drop off and pick up. Secondly, invest in understanding your washer so that you know how to use the features to care for your clothes. Using the correct settings will add life to your clothing and will absolutely be worth your time.

3)      Bright Colored Handbags

I love adding color to my wardrobe but a handbag is not the way to do it. While they are adorable and I can usually find many on sale, the reality is, I never take the time to switch handbags to match my outfit. I would love to be the person who does that, but I simply don’t make the time and energy to do it. Therefore, an abundant collection of handbags for every outfit is a waste of money.

4)      Low Quality Staple Items

Staple items: bras, yoga pants, pants and shoes for work and the list goes on. If you are going to be using an item every day or every week, it is essential that you buy good quality items even if you have to spend a little more. You will likely not stop needing these items anytime soon, so it makes sense to spend a little more on something that will last, instead of rebuying an item that wears out quickly. Even more importantly, you won’t have to spend valuable time searching for a new item to replace the old one nearly as often if you buy something high quality from the beginning.

5)      Cheap Jewelry

I love a good flashy watch, colorful bracelets and engraved necklaces. Sometimes, it can be tempting to buy quantity over quality, especially if the items are trendy or overly seasonal. However, cheap jewelry tarnishes quickly and breaks quickly. Once it’s tarnished or broken, it just becomes clutter. It is not worth the money or space! Do yourself a favor and avoid this purchase altogether.

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