3 Free Things to Do This Weekend!

Saturday! We’ve been waiting for you! It’s time for a little fun and time to relax. If you’re like most people, it’s also a time when you might lift the reigns on your budget – but before you spend money this weekend, check out our ideas on how to have fun, make a little money and try something new for free!

  1. Make a consignment shop pile. No matter what you’re saving for, it’s always nice to have a few unexpected dollars in your hand. Scour through those closets and collect any items you haven’t used in a while. The change in season is an even better reason to do this now as many consignment shops are eager for your winter clothes.
  2. Start a book club. Stretch yourself to engage with others and pick up that book you already have on the shelf. Chances are, others are just as eager to break out of their routine and do something new too.
  3. Get outside! Find a new park, trail or outdoor market to explore this weekend.

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