Save Money This Weekend!

It’s the weekend – you made it! Time for a deep breath and yoga pants! The weekend is made for rest and fun, but make sure you don’t impede your financial goals. You work too hard Monday through Friday to do that! We’ve compiled a list of some our favorite low cost activities to help make sure you stay on budget and have fun.

  1. Create a scavenger hunt. Do you have a handful of super competitive friends? Can you make a ridiculous prize for your friends to covet until the next event? If so, decide on a few specifics of the game and you’ll have an afternoon of fun.
  2. Head to a free museum or event you usually wouldn’t go to. You might think you hate Jazz until you hear it played live by professionals or maybe your dread of museums stems from that awful field trip you had when you were 10, but now might enjoy it. Take a risk, besides, it’s free! Most local libraries have museum passes you can check out, just like a book. Stop by your local library and see what they’ve got.
  3. Clean the fridge! I know, this sounds like a horrible idea. But do you remember that fantastic feeling of completing a daunting task that you’ve been putting off for ages? Plus, you will probably find some items you could use for dinners next week. See how much you can reduce your grocery bill this week. That’s a win-win!

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