3 Ways to Save Money When Traveling to Europe

Traveling for vacation can be expensive, especially when traveling abroad. Flights, hotels, restaurant dining – it can add up quick! Here are just a few tips to help keep your trip within budget and leave you more money for that next destination on your list.

Pick a money saving month!

April – May and September – November not only provide ideal weather conditions, there are tremendous financial benefits as well.

*Flights from major US airports to hub cities such as Paris, Frankfurt, and London on average run between $300-$600 during these months. The same flight during peak summer months can run between $800-$1400 on average.

*Tourist numbers substantially drop during these times which allow for lower hotel and homeshare rates as well.

Keep an open mind for accommodations

Most often, getting a hotel close to attractions is beneficial for many reasons. Things change when you plan to head to Europe and explore an entire city. Staying on the Champs S. E. for a week sounds fantastic, but if you only plan to explore that area for a night, staying in a less expensive area might make more sense. Staying in areas away from attractions also let you explore areas you might not find in guide books. When you are ready to head to popular attractions, this digital age has created many incredibly helpful tools to guide you from one destination to another that allow for quick and inexpensive travel.

Plan ahead!

Do your research. Like most things in life, planning ahead will prevent you from making costly mistakes. Many museums are closed one day a week, make sure you know which day it is before traveling there. One activity that is often overlooked is spending a day like a local. Typically, these activities come at a much lower cost than activities marketed to tourists. Having dinner off the beaten path is also typically less expensive and higher quality. Doing just a little research can save money very quickly.

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